About Hashea


Hashea is known for making natural and organic hair products that is made with hands of love. She started her journey with making her own hair oils since 2017. With the success of her products Hashea went from having a mini afro to shoulder length hair. That’s when Hashea decided to share her oils with family,friends and as many people across the globe. Hashea goal is to provide good quality products that will give amazing results. 


100% ORGANIC, HANDCRAFTED, CUSTOM BLEND OF ESSENTIAL OILS. HASHEA BEAUTY exists to help you rejuvenate your confidence in yourself.

We all know how important our hair is to US. It’s linked directly to our confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, how we view ourselves, and even how we view and treat others.

When we know that we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we perform well. When we perform well, we have a major impact in all that we do.

Improving your self-image increases your self-esteem and eliminates hate, jealousy, and envy of what others possess.

Happy people focus on what they have while unhappy focus on what they don’t. HASHEA IS FOR HAPPY!

All HASHEA PRODUCTS are made by hands of LOVE, giving your hair the love and TRUTH it needs.

HASHEA PRODUCTS can be used on NATURAL HAIR, permed hair, protective styles, braids, locs, and two-strand twists. Works on ALL HAIR TYPES AND TEXTURES, as well as children’s hair.

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